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How We Work

Our Mission

We are connecting thousands of local, small business owners to every day social media users.  

SiggPay turns social media users into PAID nano-influencers, driving profits to these businesses through unique content and specialized social media marketing strategies. 

Small business owners struggle to reach new customers using traditional means of marketing.  SiggPay offers an affordable solution that will reach new demographics. Our new digital platform will help business owners compete with larger organizations and also maintain their current customer base through new and exciting content.

We are passionate about creating revenue opportunities for everyone in our community.  Local business owners deserve a chance to compete. And social media users shouldn't need a million followers to  for your content. SiggPay is here to help EVERYONE put some extra money in their pocket.  Our influencers can earn anywhere between $25 and $200 PER campaign based on their engagement!

About Us

A New Approach to Social Media Marketing

SiggPay has developed a patented and groundbreaking approach to social media marketing strategies.  We have built a mobile application that will turn the every day social media user into a paid nano-influencer for local businesses.  We have essentially digitized word of mouth advertising and moved it to a social platform. 

Our Analytical Approach

After a one-on-one consultation with a SiggPay account manager, we hone in on the most effective marketing strategy for your small business.  Not only do we provide business owners with unique alternatives to traditional marketing techniques, we also provide businesses detailed engagement reports.  Did we mention our geotagging service that can show you how many new customers walk in your door based on our campaign?

Helping Local Communities Thrive

Whether you are a small business owner looking for new and effective ways to reach new customers, or you're a day to day social media user looking to make some extra cash, we are here to help.  Regardless of the size of your business, or the size of your social media following, we have developed a proven system that puts money in everyone's pocket. SiggPay has designed our programs to be be benificial for everyone in the community, and we are passionate about creating unique and exciting opportunities for each and every person we meet!

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Our Founder and CEO, Brian Fuller, chats on air with Ann Nyber of WTNH news 8 about all the exciting developments we are making here at SiggPay Inc. 

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